Wk-5-Artist Conversation


Emily Hernandez is a twenty-two year old female artist on her fifth year at Cal State University of Long Beach. Emily comes from two backgrounds therefore get to live to different culture experiences since she’s mixed with white and Mexican. Her mother is born here in Arizona and her father is born in Mexico. Emily was born in Orange County, California, but lives with her family in Fountain Valley, California. Emily has an older sibling who happens to be a violinist and currently living in Japan teaching english. Emily is in a five year relationship and has traveled around to different other countries like: Japan, France, England, Mexico, and is planning on going to Germany this winter break.

Emily is majoring in art because she happens to notice her last year of high school that art was more then just a class and a subject. Although her father was not as happy that she chose to major in art education but it did not shape her decision because she did not want to major in a major in which she knew she was not going to be following her dream. Art to her is different, she doesn’t see it as everyone else but she see art as a problem solving tool.

Emily’s Instagram is @missymonks

Emily’s work is about humans which she told me that happens to be her inspiration: humans and color, how light falls in perspective. She usually buys her tools or materials in the CSULB bookstore or at Wilminister since she a current employer and she also get a discount there. Depending on which portrait she doing or has can take up to fifteen minutes to forty-five minutes her favorite portrait is the one about herself in which she took around thirty minutes to complete.

Emily hopes that she will be able to draw for her entire life. Her entire life is based off emotions and thats what motivates her to keep going allowing her to draw emotional thoughts.

Wk-6-Classmate Conversation


On week six I got the privilege to interview Steven Yang, a self devoted and inspired student at Cal Sate University of Long Beach. Steven is a fourth year student looking forward for the future of next year because he will be graduating. Steven is so ready to graduate therefore he can truly go out and get a feel of what the real world really is. He is majoring in Chinese Studies and Business and minoring in Hospitality Management.

A couple of hobbies that Steven Yang is working out. He believe our bodies are like an empire. If you work hard enough eventually you will build a big empire/body. Plenty of his hobbies have lots of physical fitness in them, for example he loves to go hiking. Hiking is a very intense walk/speed walk that intensively increases the heart rate within a very high or low. He also loves to play video games, but not your ordinary video games. He like play the connect, where you have to physically move around. His favorite video game is (Just Dance).

Steven comes from a very traditional Asian family. He has three siblings that happen to be all girls. All three of his sitter graduated and both his parents are from Taiwan. His father always love to go to his wrestling matches all throughout high school both of his parents are happy to call him there son they’re truly happy.

When I asked Steven the question of the week which was what is your favorite type of art and why. He instantly stated that digital because he loved the cleanness of its form. And how its so elegantly perfect.

Wk-12- ExtraCredit



The three activities that I Loved the most were:

1- Sculpture Plaster Casting: I loved this activity it was honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever done in college. It allowed me to go to the beach a basically get a clone of my right foot. which I have in my room on a shelf. Although I didn’t get to go to seal beach and drink ice tea with my classmate nor the best Professor at Cal State Long Beach. But I got to go to the beach with friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years.                                                       2- Ephemeral Art (Snapchat)- The Ephemereal Art was so cool. It allowed me to communicate with peers and friends in a completely limited way. It allowed me to give brief messages, drawings, and video. I found it funny and crazy how some classmate that added me became great snapchat friends. Creating a better atmosphere in class and at the galleries.                                                                                                                              3- 2D Painting- Ive always been around spray painting but never actually done it. therefore having the experience to actually spray paint was pretty amazing. I didn’t get to go to venice beach with the class because I had to leave to Mexico for a family emergency. But I got the privilege to say I tagged.

The three activities I didn’t like:

1- Mobille Public Art (Somebody app)- This app was just not efficient. It was a very complicated app. Although I sort began to understand what it was asking me to do would of made me felt completely awkward. We were suppose to send a message to a person from our class or a complete stranger and deliver a message for someone.                         2- Trans Media Storytelling: This was an activity I didn’t do because I did not understand the concept of what exactly it wanted me to do. I probably should of gave it a try but unfortunately I didn’t.                                                                                                                 3- Ethnography: This activity was the most challenging one for me. It was similar to impossible if not quite close to it. It made me get a sensation that I was to accustom to technology and social media! Since am so use to utilizing electricity. Whether it was to charge my phone or o use my phone.

Wk-12- Activity- Eportfolio


As i began this assignment I instantly began to ponder what would make my website a better website? I’ve always thought my website was okay, never really looked at my websites flaws. Therefore I intensely looked at my website and notice it was to simple and confusing. Finding my posts was not interesting. I began to think that my website had no life. Meanwhile I was glancing at my website, I noticed my website was not accessible. Finding posts were just to complicated.

After the changes on my website it looked like this:


At first the plainness, unappealing, treacherous structure it had was just not cutting it for me. Therefore I searched for a theme that gave it a bit more life and that allowed all my posts to be accessible. Accessibility is exactly what i was searching for. Before this semester I never knew what blogging was and am truly grateful that this class introduced me to blogging. The reason being is that I would really like to continue blogging. I think i usually have great topic to talk about but generally don’t talk about them because of my tight schedule but with blogging I can blog about a certain topic I’ve always wanted to talk about.

These little but great changes was a necessity. Not only will my website be more attractive but it will truly help my viewers identify my newer and older posts. And will definitely inherit attention and certainly help my Eportfolio for my career.

Wk-12-Artist Conversation with Christopher Linquata


As soon as I walked into the I was completely amazed detail was absolutely everything. Christopher Linquata is a thirty-eight year old student majoring in representation painting and drawing. This is Linquata’s last gallery and his last year at Cal State University of Long Beach. The name of his last gallery at the beach was “Sacred and Profane” in the Gatov-West. And he has an amazing beard that took him around two years to grow out.

Linquata Clearly stated that people in his drawings/paintings are people who are somehow in his life. Some are friends and others are family members plus him himself. The materials Linquata utilized for his creations were acrylic and oil paint to create his art pieces. According to Linquata his paintings represent mythological and religious stories. Linquata himself is religious. His ultimate inspiration is the renaissance and the renaissance paintings.

For Linquata to finish this entire gallery it took him around ten weeks of nineteen hours a day. He was truly devoted to his art. He would often work on two paintings at a time. In the next couple of months he will be exhibiting his art in another gallery. Linquata stated that his art is not the type of art that will be sitting around in his garage but rather will be out inspiring others. He also believes that one day they will sell every artist dream.

Overall Linquata was a very interesting artist, very humble and caring. He answered everyones question no matter if the question was a repeat. He gave us his Instagram which is @icon5350. He will follow you back if you tag him on one of his art pieces.

Wk-12-Classmate conversation.


This week I got the privilege to meet Estrella “Star” Meza. Star is a very interesting girl, who has a serving mentality. This is Star’s third year at Cal State University of Long Beach. She’s also looking forward to major in Recreational and Leisure Studies. Unfortunately she’s not on the road to graduate within her four years. But is really looking forward to graduate as soon as she can.

Mean while she commutes from Downey, California. Downey is a pretty big city, located in the middle of Los Angeles inner city’s freeways the 105,605,110, and 710. She went to Warren high school, this high school is nutorious for their waterpolo team, boys and girls soccer team, and the similar bear to UCLA’s mascot. Star was a graduate student of 2013. She also enjoyed herself playing waterpolo for Warren high school. Overall she really enjoyed herself during her high school days and wishes she could go back.

A couple of hobbies of Star’s are working out she really find a true satisfaction in working out. She likes to swim but over all water polo is where her passion is. But doesn’t like to hike. I actually found it surprising to hear she didn’t like hiking the reason being is that literally everyone I interviewed loved to hike. When I asked Star what color aggravates you she instantly said orange. Some how I automatically knew why she was aggravated by it she always disliked the color orange. Therefore asking what color calmed her she said her favorite color calms her. Which is a light pinkish color.

Wk-11-Activity-FiberArt (Wall Hanging)


This week’s activity was to make a wall hanging using fiber. I chose to make this specific item was because I am giving tribute to all those brave, strong man who fight for our country and for those who died in the process of serving our beautiful America. Since Veterans day is coming up and unfortunately our family has had a lost in our family I decided to dedicate this specific wall hanging to my aunty. Although I think it looks great in this form, but am waiting on the flower to dry up therefore it will have more meaning. Ive always thought died flowers were more meaningful and beautiful then living flowers.

The materials that I used was a rose from the roses that I gave my mother for her birthday and tread. This activity really allowed me to utilize my creativity that I thought I never had. This activity truly allowed us to incorporate our own ability to our piece of art. It has to be the first activity that Ive had actually use my hands to create. “the VET rose” is what I called it. It basically self explanatory but ill explain. It has a rose and its for the veterans therefore I called it “the VET rose.”

The reason why I decide to dedicate this to those veterans and my aunty’s son. I am a Mexican-America, but I will for every be grateful for my parents past and country. But I am a American if needed to I would sacrifice my life for the United States. And only God knows how privilege I am to be born in this country. And my cousin to me was like a brother. Every opportunity he had he devoted it to be with his family and most importantly me. His lost was harsh but once my family understood the purpose with ease we began to rejoice his honorable death. With all do respect I give thanks to my cousin and those who help serve my country.