Wk-6-Identiy Art (Periscope)

imageimageimageOn the week six we had to utilize the periscope app to communicate with others. At first I was a bit shy and a little lost, didn’t quite understand how to work it or what to say. I was in the library and I didn’t know what to say therefore I began to speak about random and insignificant things meanwhile a couple of buddies were studying I began to record them and record myself.

I notice that I didn’t really have much of an audience. But I really wanted to grab the attention of those who joined my periscope. Since no one really asked question I began to speak and speak. But I truly believe that if more viewers would have join my periscope it  would have not been boring. The reason why I say this is because the activity also need us to look at others periscope. I got into a beautiful Russian girl although I did not understand what she said i purposely typed something out in english and she began to speak english in this magnificent Russian accent which basically made me fall in love.

I think periscope is a magnificent way to communicate completely random. Overall this activity was fun but social humiliating after the fact that you let go of your shyness then it kinda turns into a normal very video of yourself.

User name: @Fily16



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