This week I decided to interview Lourdes Martinez. Lourdes Martinez is a senior student at Cal State University of Long Beach majoring in photography. Through her high school years she’s been trying to figure herself out, and happen to notice that photography truly brought out her inter joy. So she states that by senior year in high school she’s found her interest in photography. But she never thought a hobby would turn into a career.

The picture above is one of her art pieces which was inspired by a photo that was taken in the 1990’s. Lourdes states that it was a photo taken by NASA and its of photo of earth. She loves the picture because she could demonstrate to her viewers how insignificant we are and earth is in this milky way.

Lourdes was surfing the network and she happened to find this picture therefore she zoomed as close as she could and snapped a picture with her camera. I liked this piece because it was simple and it had a meaningful meaning to Lourdes and it reminds me how small this earth really is.

Unfortunately Lourdes Martinez didn’t have a website!


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