Wk-14- 3 way Classmate Conversation


This semester has been great heading to the galleries on Thursdays and meeting new yet different classmates. This semester I actually made two great friends. Nestor Placensia and Edgar Navarro. These are two down to earth soft hearted guys with tons of pressure on there shoulders. The reason being is because there parents are relying on them to become a bit more finically stable, just like my parents are. Being a second generation child in a Mexican-America household usually doesn’t allow us to attend a four year university because of the household finical stability but our parents worked hard therefore we could have the opportunity to attend school.

We are all Mexican-American students trying to find a way to succeed in life and help our parents out. Edgar and I are both third year students at Cal State University of Long Beach, meanwhile Nestor is a second year student. Nestor and Edgar are both looking forward to majoring in the business field. Although Nestor is debate whether he should change majors or stay in the business field. We also love to play video games, hang out with friends and family. Overall we just love to have fun, living life as if everyday could be out last.

Although it seems like we have lots in common we also have differences that makes us unique for example Nestor and I love to play soccer meanwhile Edgar is a baseball type of guy. Edgar favorite food is birria, Nestor favorite food is pizza, and I love tacos. Nestor said he loves Picasso because he’s so abstract and modern for his time, in which lots of people didn’t understand his paintings but thats what makes it unique. On the other hand Edgar likes Professor Glenn because he inspires him to be self-confident, and gives him the courage that one day he will dye his hair.



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