Wk-13-Classmate Conversation


This week I had the privilege to interview Diana Solis. Diana is definitely a kind and interesting classmate. Her websites name is Solisdiana.wordpress.com if you would like to see any of her post. She is born and raised in Long Beach, California but went to school in Lakewood. which is only five minutes away from Long Beach. Diana is a fourth year and is going to graduate next semester with a bachelor degree in sociology. Hopes that one day she can work with kids, encouraging them throughout there youth life.

Diana is an art enthusiast. Since as long as she can remember drawing was always a hobby she’s had an interested in. Although she never saw it as a career she definitely likes to draw and paint throughout her spare time. A couple of hobbies of her are shopping, loves hanging out with friends and family, and art its self. Her three dogs are what help her remain or stay sane.

When I asked Diana how she defined art 110 before the course; she instantly said that she thought it was going be more hands on. She believed that she was going to be able to demonstrate her drawing abilities. And now Diana defines art in deferent ways. Are just isn’t about drawing and painting. Art is everything, art can be anything. She believes are is so special that it allows people to in tag there feeling or speak out something they want to say.



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