Wk-6-Artist Conversation


Sery Kwon is a twenty-three year old female artist looking to graduate within the following semester in drawing and painting at Cal State University of Long Beach. Kwon was born in Korea and traditionally in Korea is very tradition and skilled based country. When she migrated into the United States going to an all girls school at Downey St. Joseph. P.S. my sister went to that all girls school and they have a very good academic programs.

Sery Kwon Website: sarykwon.weebly.com

The materials that Kwon utilized for her paintings are acrylic paint, rice paper, and she used google earth. One of her favorite painters is Mark Bradford. Since she was child her inspiration to her drawings have been Mark Bradford. Since Kwon was in middle school she’s been drawing and still to this day loves to draw. She wants to graduate and paint for the rest of her life and be able to teach a high school art class.

Ariel views is what her art is based off of. Kwon wanted the audience/viewers to experience the sensation of being in those places. She really wants her viewers to feel the painting to really get into it. Thats why she uses saturated colors (Bright colors only) not only does she love to use saturated colors but they are her inspiration. And her favorite color is coral which represents her happiness to her.



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