Wk-5-Classmate Conversation


This week I had the privilege to meet Jonathan Juarez. Jonathan is a very sweet guy. This is his second year at Cal State Long Beach. He commutes from Huntington Park. Jonathan said it was difficult to adapt at first but now commuting doesn’t bother him anymore. Jonathan wants to major in accounting. He’s pursuing accounting because he’s always had a feel for numbers and management. His dream job is to work for a enormous accounting firm. Or to be an accountant adviser therefore he can help others make proper, logically and intelligent decision with there finances.

Jonathan will be turning 19 years old this month on October 29. On his free time Jonathan likes to hang out with his family and friends. Generally he hangs out with his father, the reason why he loves to hang out with his father is because his father has always been his idol. Jonathan just really looks up to his father and wants to be like him when he becomes a father. Jonathan also loves play Fifa 15 on the playstation 4. And like to go hiking, he likes to go to the Palos Verdes hiking trail, plus a hiking trail by Cabrillo beach. His favorite soccer teams are Chivas and Barcelona. He also plays as a forward on the pitch and plays on a sunday league.

I asked him the question of the week which was what was his favorite type of art. His response was any 3D figure sculpture. He gave a good example Jonathan referenced me to the second week activity “Plaster Casting.” He loves the fact that you can visualize it and see it in different ways. Getting a complete analysis of an object satisfy  him since he’s a visual learner. Jonathan included that with a 3d object are more the just visual but you can actually touch them and get the feeling of the object and analyze the texture, volume, and vanity of it. Jonathan believes the 3D helps him get a greater perspective since he’s a visual learner.


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